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Design Your Own Diet - MainMy name is Emmanuel. Some years ago I had some health problems. The doctors told me to change my diet. The truth is that my nutrition was really bad. I was eating all kinds of fried foods, a lot of meat and sweets, I was drinking beers with my meals, I was smoking and of course I was not making any kind of exercise. So at the age of 45 I was feeling like 60.

Anyway since doctors told me to go on diet and lose weight I decided to visit a professional and start a diet. He gave me a diet, a list of what I should eat for one week.

I started to follow his instructions, but the truth was that I was really unhappy. I had to change all my habits and start eating foods that I really didn’t like that much. But since this was doctor’s advice I forced myself to keep trying. Next week he gave me another list.

After two weeks I managed to lose 5 kg. I was satisfied because I’ve lost that weight but my mood was not good. I was feeling hungry and I was always thinking about this diet. It was summertime and sometime later I left for holidays at a Greek island. I don’t know if you ever been in a Greek island for holidays, but it is not the best place to be if you are on diet. There is a lot of fun, people go to bars and clubs and they drink a lot. At the bars the portion of drinks is almost double than in other countries, so if you drink three drinks it is equal like drinking six drinks somewhere else. The foods at the restaurants were delicious and it was difficult not to try many plates. As a result I gained back all the weight I’ve lost.

So when I returned back I realized that this diet would not work for me and I decided to stop it. A few weeks later a friend invited me at a nutrition seminar. Despite the fact that I was not convinced that this will help me I decided to go. I learned a lot of thinks there, but the most important was that I learned the diet professionals thinking. This changed my point of view. I understood all the mistakes that I was making all this time. I learned why most diets fail after sometime, exactly as happened to me also.

So after I finished this course, I decided that it was time to design my own diet. At this diet I included foods that I like to eat. I was satisfied. I started losing weight and my metabolic rate was improved. This way I managed to lose 9 kg. This was my extra weight. But the most exciting was that I never regained this weight.

So I decided that all this knowledge and experience should be shared with others. I started with my… Read more…


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